YoungProgramming Squad

*The information on this website is incorrect. I only created this information in order to create a filler for the website I made that is meant to teach me how to code.

About Us

About Us

Holly playing the guitar

We are the Young Programmers Club.

Our names are Oassi, Fardeen, John, and William.I am learning how to make a website for my Dojo Nano.

My name is Oassi

We are the Young Programmers Club.


picture of fardeen

Fardeen is the VR man!He mainly does VR programming!

He is a like able person!


picture of a black person

Jonathan is the CGI programmer!He mainly does CGI programming!

He is always cracking jokes!


Picture of the king

William is the video game programmer!He mainly does video game programming!

He gets his work done!

Oassi (me)

picture of oassi ahmed

I am a website programmer!I mainly do website programming!

I am basically the leader of the squad!I formed the squad and, I orginize the squad!