ThePower and affect of technology

*The information on this website is incorrect. I only created this information in order to create a filler for the website I made that is meant to teach me how to code.

Since our squad focuses so much on computer programming, this page will be dedicated to summarizing the affect of digital media so put sit back relaxed with a smartphone in a pocket, a laptop in a lap, and a VR Headset on!

Communication of Ideas

One thing that the rise digital media has dramacically affected is the communication of ideas.

In the past the options for presenting an idea were very limitated. However, with the rise of digital technology there are numerous options such as Powerpoint, Sway, Word, Google Documnets, and millions of other possible options. Thanks to digital media, everyones voice is heard!

Also, because of the wide and easy access to the digital media, ideas can spread and be heard much faster.

In fact, here's a Sway presentation I made for a school project. Enjoy!

The Communication with People

Another aspect of life digital media has heavily affected is the communication with people. However, there is a fierce debate over if digital media makes people more social.

On one hand, technologies such as social media, Skype, email, texting, and many more have allowed more people to interact with each other.

On the other hand, spending long periods of time on digital technologies prevent people from going into the outside world and interacting with people.