TOP TIP:Once you make games, you can join a company that makes games.So, then you can make games!

*The information on this website is incorrect. I only created this information in order to create a filler for the website I made that is meant to teach me how to code.

Making a game

Watching us make games can be fun but don't you think it could be better if you could make your own games!

Well we are going to teach you how!

Creating an idea

Before you create a game you need a idea.

Don't get stressed!There are many ideas that haven't been explored.Imagine a game we don't have.Like a shooter or a adventure!

Mabey you can combine them.Just imagine!

Drawing your game

Know you have found out what game you want to make design it.

You should-

  1. Design the levels
  2. Write down what game it is
  3. Find out what programming launguage you want to use
  4. Write down the controls
  5. Write down the focus or the plot of the game
  6. Write down the name

Find out the time it will take

Know you have designed your game find out the time it will take to make it

Know you should-

Creating your game

You have know planned out your game and your time to make it.

It is time to make it!

Pack some snacks.It might take a while.

Once you begin making it type quickly and accuratly.It might get challenging but don't give up.It will be worth it once you are finished.

Publishing your game.


You have created a game!

Make sure to find mistakes.Once you have debugged it you can publish it.

Ladies and gentle men.That is how you create a game!