How are we doing?

*The information on this website is incorrect. I only created this information in order to create a filler for the website I made that is meant to teach me how to code.

Hi! We are the Young Programmers Club!Just to let you guys know,we are doing fine.We are okay!Nothing is going on that is really serious. You probably knew that but we are just practicing our programming skills.Anyways,remember to-

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Programming Tips

Hey, I know this webpage is "How are we doing" but, I wanted to update my website!

Welcome to programming tips


One great thing to do while programming is Indenting!

If you are confuzed, indenting is making the the first start and end tag in a block of code stick out a little to the left.

Here is a video to make you understand what it is.

Evolutionary code

Lets step away from websites and, lets talk about artificial intellegence!

If you want a program to create something you want it to create by itself, you can use evolutionary code.

Evolutionary code is a program that can create multiple varients of what you program it to create.

It will then choose the varient that is the most similar to what you wanted it to be.

Now that you know the power of artificial intellengence, lets find out how one of them works

M.I.T robot

Picture of M.I.T